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Rallying the Troops: A World War I Commemoration

Rallying the Troops Vol IV Rallying the Troops Vol III Rallying the Troops Vol II Rallying the Troops Vol I
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HONOURS AND AWARDS - Those who were decorated:

HONOURS AND AWARDS- Those who were decorated:

In order of precedence:

VC Victoria Cross
KCB Knights Commander of the Bath
KCMG Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George
KBE Knights Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Kt Knights Bachelor
CB Companion of the Order of the Bath
CMG Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George
CBE Commander of the Order of the British Empire
DSO Distinguished Service Order
OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire
MVO Member of the Royal Victorian Order
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire
RRC Royal Red Cross (1st Class)
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
MC Military Cross
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
AFC Air Force Cross
ARRC Royal Red Cross (2nd Class or Associate)
DCM Distinguished Conduct (in the field) Medal
DSM Distinguished Service Medal
MM Military Medal
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
AFM Air Force Medal
MSM Meritorious Service Medal
VD Volunteer Officers’ Decoration
MID Mentioned in Despatches
Foreign decorations

A Bar is a second decoration of the same kind and level.
Honours and awards gained pre or post World War I service are shown in [square brackets].
Many were recommended for decorations which, for various reasons, were not awarded. Their names are not recorded here but the recommendations are noted in the individual’s entry in the biographical section.

ABBOTT, Joseph Palmer, MC [later: OBE]


ABIGAIL, Thomas Gerard, MM

ALLEN, Raymond Asher Milton, MC [later: Order of St John of Jerusalem]

ANDERSON, Robert Cairns Amos, OBE, MID

ANDERSON, Robert Murray McCheyne, KCMG MID, Order of the Nile (Egypt)

BACKHOUSE, Allan Norman, [later: MID]

BAGSHAW, Horace Stanley, MC


BARTLETT, Harold Sloan, MC

BEALE, Leonard Ernest, MM

BETTLEY-COOKE, Alan Cuthbert, [later: MBE]

BLACK, Jack Colin, MSM

BLAKE, Giles Eyre, MID

BLAKE, Wesley Mervyn, MC

BOATWRIGHT, James John, Croix de Guerre (France)


BROWN, Arnold, DSO, MC, MID [later: OBE, MID]

BLUMER, George Albert, MC

BROWN, Joseph Hector, OBE

BUDDEN, Henry Ebenezer, CBE

BURNS, Ida Annie, MID [later: Royal Jubilee Medal]

BUTCHER, Arthur Albert, MM

CADELL, Henry Charles Dight, MC

CALLAGHAN, Cecil Arthur, CMG, DSO, MID x 4, French Legion of Honour 5th Class Chevalier [later: CB, VD, MID]

CAMERON, Claude Ewen, MC and Bar [later: OAM, ED, MID]

CAMERON, Henry Gervais Lovett Cameron, DSO, MC, MID x 2

CARNEY, Mollie, Medal for Military Merit, 4th Class (Greece)

CARSON, John Duncan (Jock), MID

CARTER, Herbert Gordon, DSO, MID x 3

CARTER, Robert Burnside, MC

CLARK, James William, DSO, VD, MID x 2

CLARKE, William, MM

COLE, Sydney Thomas [later: ED]

COLLINS, Archibald John, DSO, MC, MID [later: KB]

COMPAGNONI, Walter Joseph, MID

CONCANON, George Lewis Blake, MID

COX, Charles Robinson, MC

COY, Frederick William, DCM, MID

CROKER, John Walter, VD

CURSON, Edward Ernest, MM

CUTHBERT, Noel Millar, MC, MID x 3, Croix de Guerre (France)

DAVID, Tannatt William Edgeworth, [pre-war: CMG], DSO, MID x 3 [later: KBE]

DAVIS, James William, MC and Bar

DEBENHAM, Frank, OBE [later: Victoria Medal (Geography)]


DE LA RUE, Hippolyte Ferdinand, DFC, Silver Medal for Valour (Italy) [later: CBE]

DIXON, Robert Derwent, DSO, MID

DOIG, Allan Torrance, MC

DOIG, Charles John, MC

DONALDSON, George Shirley, MC

DONALDSON, Katherine Minnie née Porter, ARRC

DOUGALL, Andrew William aka James Davidson, MC


DURHAM, Eric Alfred Knight, [later: ED]

EATON, John Keith Lobban, MID

FARNCOMB, Harold Bruce [later: CB, DSO, MVO, MID x 3, Commander of the Legion of Merit (US), Navy Cross (US)]

FINCH, Clifford Horace, MID

FROST, Gerald Alfred John, MM

FRY, Harold Willoughby, MC and Bar, MID

GAUKRODGER, Arthur George, DCM

GEE, George L’Estrange, [later: MID]

GIBBS, Leonard Gordon, MID

GILDER, Telford Graham, MC

GOLDRICK, Dallas Earlscourt, MSM

GOWING, Roy Lanchester, [later: OAM]

GOY, Christopher Thomas Frow, [later: OBE]

GREGORY, Ronald Chesterley, MM

GRIBBLE, Arthur Hazelhurst, CMG

GRIFFITHS, Frederick Guy, MID

HALL, Frank Sunderland, MC

HAMILTON, Herbert Stockwin, MID

HAMILTON, Ronald Garnet, MC, MID x 4, Croix de Guerre (France)


HARRIS, Charles Edward, MID

HARRIS, John Redford Oberlin, MID

HENRY, Cecil Lewis, DCM

HIRST, Percy Frederick, MM, MID

HOLDEN, Leslie Hubert, MC, AFC

HOLT, Henry, MM

HOOPER, Geoffrey Herbert, MC, DFC

HORDERN, Herbert Vivian, MBE

HORSEY, George Harcom, MSM

HOWARD, Arthur John De Size, MID x 2

HUNT, Gladstone Montague, MC

HUNT, Walter Moxon, MM

HUNTER, Lancelot John, MC, MID

HUNTER, Robert Dudley, MM

HUTCHINSON, Edwin Octavius, MID x 2

HUTCHINSON, Eric Lloyd, DSO, MID x 2

IFOULD, William, [later: OBE]

JOHNSON, Frank Leslie, MM

JOHNSON, Geoffrey Allan, MM [later: MBE]

KERSHAW, Harold George Augustus, MM

KERSHAW, Raymond Newton, MC [later: CMG]

KING, Clifford Bray, MC

KING, Robert Cecil, MC, MID

LAMBERT, Clarence Charles, MID

LECKY, Charles Stuart, DSO, MID

LEGGE, James Gordon, CB, MID [pre-war: CMG], Legion d’Honneur (France), Order of Danilo (Montenegro)

LIPSCOMB, Frederick Neville, MC

LOWING, Bertie, MC and Bar

LOXTON, Merlin Forster, MC, MID x 3

LUDERS, Edward Michael, MM

MACFARLANE, Edward Albert Charles, MC

MACKAY, Alexander Leslie Gordon, DCM

MACLEAN, Alister Grant, MC

MARSH, George Augustus Milbourne, MSM

McKEOWN, William Henry, MID

MILLARD, Reginald Jeffery, CMG, CBE, MID

MILWARD, Alan Shepherd [later: OBE]


MINTER, Mervyn, MID, Order of the White Eagle (Serbia)

MOIR, Charles McNicol Jarvis, MID, Croix de Guerre (France)

MONRO, Roy Gladstone, MM

MOODY, Arnott Victor Dundas, DCM

MORLEY, Claude Ronald, MC

MORRIS, Basil Moorhouse, DSO, MID x 3 [later: CBE, MID]

MORRIS, Charles, MID

MORRIS, Edward Fortescue, MM

MORRISON, James Arthur, [later: MBE]

MORRISON, Sydney Erskine, MM

MORSE, Richard Victor, DSO, MID x 2

MOXHAM, Harry Cuthbertson, [later: KB]

MURDOCH, James Anderson, CMG [later: KBE]

NORRIE, Edward Creer, DSO, MID x 2 [later: CB, VD]

OLDFIELD, William Albert Stanley, [later: MBE]

OLIVE, Arthur Horace, MM

OLSEN, Oscar Volney, DCM, MID

OLVER, Harold Reath, MM, MID

PARRY, Stanley Evan, [later: OBE]

PATON, Florence Elizabeth, Medal for Military Merit, 4th Class (Greece)

PATTISON, John Grant, MM

POCKLEY, Brian Colden Antill, MID

PRENTICE, James Thomson, MM

PRICE, Lionel James, MC

PULLING, Guy Harris, [later: MID x 2]

PULLING, Hugh Douglas, MC, MID

RAE, Douglas Frank, MC, MID [later: MID]

RAGGATT, Harold George, [later: Kt, CBE]

REID, Milton, MM

REID, Walter Scott, MM

REMINGTON, Geoffrey Cochrane [later: CMG]

RENSHAW, Harold Conrad, MC

RICHARDSON, William Ronald, MID

RICKARD, Arthur Lancelot, MC, MID x 2 [later: DSO, ED, MID x 2]

ROBERTS, George Arthur, [later: VD]

ROBERTSON, Louis Leighton, MM

ROBSON, Russell Dunsmore, MM

ROSENTHAL, Charles, KCB, CMG, DSO, MID x 7, Croix de Guerre (Belgium), Croix de Guerre avec palme (France), Légion d’honneur (France) [later: VD]

ROYLE, John MacDiarmid, MID

RUTLEDGE, Edgar Woolls, MC, MM

SANDERS, Charles, MM

SCOTT, Allan Humphrey, DSO, MID x 3


SCOTT, Thomas Maxwell, MC [later: OBE]

SCOTT, William John Rendell, DSO, MID x 2 [later: ED]

SETTLE, Albert, MM

SHARLAND, William Stanley Cockburn, MM

SIDAWAY, Jack, Roumanian Medaille Barbatie si Credinta, 2nd Class

SIEVERS, Nowell Johnstone, MID

SIMPSON, Arthur Roderick, DCM

SIMPSON, Frederick John, MM

SLEEMAN, James Edward, DCM, MID

SMITH, Albert Gordon, MC


SNASHALL, Ernest Albert, MM

SNOW, Gordon Keith [later: KB]

SPENCER BROWNE, Reginald, [pre-war: CB, VD, MID x 2]

SPIER, Reginald Vincent, MID

SPOONER, William Henry, MM [later: KCMG, PC]

STACY, Harold Skipton, MID

STEEL, Robert Stanley [later: OBE]

SUMMERS, John Hamilton, [later OBE]

SWEETLAND, Albert Graham, MM

THOMPSON, George Richard, MC

THOMPSON, Leslie Edward, Serbian Silver Medal


TOZER, Claude John, DSO, MID

VERNON, Hugh Venables, DSO, MID x 3 [later: VD]


WARK, Blair Anderson, VC, DSO, MID

WATKINS, Edward Sydney, MSM

WATSON, Edward Oliver, MID

WATT, Charles Washington, MC

WATTS, Edwin Ralph, MM

WHEEN, Arthur Wesley, MM and two Bars

WHITFIELD, Norman Harold, MC and Bar, MID [later: US Medal of Freedom]

WILLARD, Rupert Roy Frederick, MC

WILLEY, Walter Henry [later: ED]

WINDEYER, Guy Stanley, [later: DSC]

WOODWARD, Edward Albert, MC [later: ED]

WRIGHT, John William, DFC [later: Efficiency Medal, MID]

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