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Rallying the Troops: A World War I Commemoration, Volume IV

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Volume IV Table of Contents:



The Final Battles
1. Australians on the Western Front – 1918 Overview
2. The Battles for Villers-Bretonneux (4-26 April 1918)
3. Le Hamel: Monash’s Orchestrated Battle (4 July 1918)
4. Germany’s Black Day at the Battle of Amiens (8 August 1918
5. Mont St Quentin and Péronne (31 August – 2 September 1918)
6. Australian Corps’ Final Battles: the Hindenburg Line (18 September – 5 October 1918)

The Armistice
7. The Armistice on the Western Front
8. The Armistice in the Middle East
9. It’s Over … at Last
10. They’re Coming Home

A Soldier’s Life
11. From Home to Home: the Daily Life of Service Men and Women
12. Where Living Reigned: Australians on Leave in London
13. When shall I see the Old Country Again?
14. Preparing for Peace: Non Military Employment and Post War Education

Left Behind
15. The Anguish of Mothers and Wives
16. Left Behind: the Animals of War

The Home Front
17. Hunnamurra: the Enemy in our Midst
18. An Even Larger Army: the Local War Effort

They’re Home
19. Lady Davidson Hospital
20. Soldier Settlement Schemes
21. War Service Homes
22. Legacy and the Families of the Fallen

Ku-ring-gai Volunteers
S surnames
T surnames
U surnames
V surnames
W surnames
Y surnames
Addenda: the War stories of People Missed in Previous Volumes

Australian Military Structure in World War I
World War I Glossary
Service, Honour and Commemoration
Honours and Awards
Those Who gave their Lives: where They are Commemorated or Buried Overseas
Ku-ring-gai Volunteers appearing in Volumes I, II, III and IV


For more information about this publication, and to order, click here.