Ku-ring-gai's Built Heritage

Have you ever thought about the history of your house, or that of an ancestor? Or noticed a property near you and wondered about its past?

‘Built Heritage’ (or property history) is the physical evidence of our cultural development. Within our urban and regional neighbourhoods it is a key to the understanding of our shared history. It helps us understand where we came from, who we are today, and it allows us to maintain a link with the past.

Importantly, Built Heritage not only includes properties that have been heritage listed, but research of the history of all buildings and the land on which they are built. This, of course, also includes research into the people who lived in those homes, and local history.

Monochrome image of the home of J Logan, Pymble, © Ku-ring-gai Library
Home of J Logan, Pymble © KML - Mrs Allen

Ku-ring-gai Historical Society has a vast range of resources to assist in this research, including:

  • Council maps
  • Water Board maps
  • Original land grants
  • Deposited plans
  • Some land titles
  • Sands’ directories
  • Valuations
  • Heritage listings
  • A range of photographs of significant homes, either put up for sale or auction
  • Photos of houses subject to development or which have been redeveloped
  • Files containing information on property sales

In our library we have books on architectural styles, and details of some of the key architects and builders in Ku-ring-gai.

We also have a number of valuable resources on our intranet that are available to Society members, including Kupedia – our own encyclopaedia of Ku-ring-gai – and digital copies of articles from our annual research journal, The Historian.

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and being a detective? Are you interested in learning how to research houses and land? Why not start your journey today – you’ll find that researching built heritage is challenging, exciting and rewarding!

Our specialist volunteers dealing with built heritage are available in our Gordon Research Centre on Tuesdays between 10 am and 2 pm, when we can assist you with your research. If you are unable to attend, we may be able to conduct some limited research on your behalf, for an appropriate fee – please see our Built Heritage Research page for more details.

Click here for our Built Heritage research service

We can provide valuable assistance with research into our local Built Heritage - the history of Ku-ring-gai's buildings and land.

Click here for our Local History research service

We also provide assistance in researching the history of Ku-ring-gai's pioneers, and others who have helped to shape it.

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