How to search The Historian and our Library Catalogue on Macs

Safari is the default web browser on all Mac computers, but when searching through large PDF documents for keywords (using Cmd+F) it tends to miss many search results! This applies to our Library Catalogue and to our Historian database, as both of those are several hundred pages long.

If you’ve changed your default browser from Safari to something else (eg. Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera) then the following doesn’t apply to you, as those browsers handle searching of large PDF files much better – so you can simply go back to the previous page and conduct your search 🙂

But if you use Safari, here’s what to do, to make sure your PDF search works properly…

  • In the Safari browser on your Mac, click the “Search Catalogue” or “Search The Historian” button on the previous page, just as you would normally do to view any PDF.

  • Move the pointer to the bottom centre of the browser window to see controls.

    The bottom of a Safari window displaying a PDF and the controls used to zoom in or out, open the PDF with Preview, and save the PDF on your Mac.

  • Now, just click the “Open with Preview” icon.

And that’s it! You should then be seeing the PDF in the Preview app, rather than in Safari.

As Preview is able to handle the searching of large PDF files better than Safari, your search results will be more comprehensive!

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