Headmaster's Office Museum

Our mini-museum commemorates the students, teachers, parents and citizens associated with the Old Gordon Public School – the first public school on the North Shore of Sydney. The school opened in 1871 and closed in 1989.

The Museum is open whenever our adjoining Research Centre is open.

Can you assist?

  • Did you attend this school?
  • Do you have any photographs or memorabilia of the school?

Do you know someone

  • who did attend?
  • who was a teacher?
  • who was a member of the Parents and Citizens Association?
Memorabilia in our Headmaster's Office Museum
Desk and memorabilia in our Headmaster's Office Museum

Since opening, we have collected a range of class photographs, some photos of teachers, and a small collection of memorabilia.

Some students, teachers and parents have provided us with recollections of their time at the school. These can be anecdotal, humorous or simply statements of fact about life at the school. Collectively, and placed in context of time, they are beginning to reveal some of the history and life and times at the school.

If you believe that you can help, please contact us! If you would like to retain your original photographs or memorabilia, we will make arrangements to copy those items and return the originals to you.

Memorabilia in our Headmaster's Office Museum
Gordon Public School's original bell
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